The patented EDL (Easy Door Lock) door retainer provides easy and reliable locking for back doors and a visual indication for the driver. This locking system is efficient and easy to use.

This accessory allows effortless and safe locking with an assisted system. In addition, it offers a visual clue for the driver to know if the doors are locked properly. If he can see the orange tab, the doors are open. Find this product on all our truck bodies equipped with swing doors.



Revolutionary, the EDL system is a swinging door retainer whose movement is assisted by a stainless steel spring cylinder. It is easy to manipulate with one hand and locks automatically. Allows to stick the door completely on the side face to reduce the risks of damage when maneuvering with the doors open.


The EDL is handled with a strap for a fast grip and a better tipping accompaniment. It doesn’t require force release or rotation of the wrist. Any risk of injury or pinching is also avoided. Easy to use and with an anti-detachment function, it is the guarantee of having doors well locked in open position, avoiding accidents by strong wind or parking on slopes.


Preserve your capital! Made of polyamide plastic, filled with balls and fiberglass, this new ultra-robust door retainer is indeformable and has a considerably longer lifespan. The doors always retained, avoid shocks during delivery operations. With a secure and easy-to-use door retainer, it's your repair budget that's decreasing!


Solidly fixed under the truck body by 4 screws, a possible replacement requires only a few minutes of intervention. Consisting of two different parts, a maintenance operation on the handle or the cylinder does not require complete dismantling of the door retainer - saving maintenance.