A universal nozzle with optimized shapes that channels and accelerates the air flow as soon as it leaves the evaporator. The flow is immediately compressed into the central channel. An open air guide system channels this flow with minimal friction and loss of velocity.

This system makes it possible to control and keep the temperature homogeneously in 53' temperature controlled semi-trailers. It makes it possible to obtain the same temperature at the rear as at the front.

You will get a reduction of fuel for refrigeration unit also, a better quality and condition of the products transported.

Air chutes system advantages

  • Provides the same temperature at the rear as at the front to a degree close. + 25% improvement of the temperature at the rear (temperature control sensor located at 48 feet from the front of the trailer, in the middle of a 53’ trailer)
  • Better ventilation for the rear of the trailer = faster temperature return after opening doors
  • Increased air stirring within the trailer = recovery of the heat transfer coefficient of the loading by conductivity
  • Reduction of the amplitude around the set point during the control phases (cycles of about 10 min = less cold production / less heat production)
  • Increasing efficiency of the refrigeration unit engine. The CX profiled corners of the front wall reduce the depressions and favor the air supply at the group level, optimizing the efficiency of its engine.
  • A quality and durable product offers the advantage of having a long lifetime and avoiding repair costs compared to similar products on the market.

In the end, a better distribution of the temperature, less consumption of fuel for the refrigeration unit and a better quality and condition of the products transported.


Video presentation :

Installation, maintenance and robustness

  • Our quality product does not require a long and complicated installation but rather a simple and fast installation.
  • The IAFO is easy to maintain as well, cleaning the product is simple and fast.
  • The small size of the IAFO allows not to lose space in the trailer.
  • The increased resistance of the quality material allows the product to have a very good durability.

Aerodynamic bumpers improve air recycling

  • To optimize air recycling, the protective rail and bumpers facilitate airflow back to the evaporator and protects the front facing from changes.
  • Bottom of front grid using rectangular bumpers
  • Extruded aluminum Scuffband 3x more rigid
  • Complete plinth front wall protection for loading 2 pallets side by side


Optimized for multi-temperatures

In the case of a multi-temperatures installation, we propose a recessed and double-flow evaporator

  • Recessed = High clearance
  • Full protection above the roll up door (no risk of damage - removal of the protective bar)
  • Rapidity of temperature reduction of the rear compartment due to the double flow = direct cooling of the rear zone
  • Group consomption gain
  • No risk of merchandise lost