The major advantage of Transforcool panels is that they are 100% made with composite materials offering the best insulation in the market. Vehicles built with our panels are lighter providing significant fuel economies. They are custom built and provide superior durability.

The composite insulating panels, tested and proven in laboratory, are the result of years of experience, research and development. They are truly a mastery of the technology exclusively dedicated to cold. Combining composite materials with complex assembly and high insulating properties, this technology gives our panels unrivaled advantages.


Designed according to the HACCP guidelines, the panels meet the most severe standard including the ATP (Agreement on transport of perishable goods) certification. This agreement has been signed by 50 countries including the majority of European countries and the United-States of America.

To become a ATP certified product, the panels must wistand their insulating properties for a period up to 12 years with technical verifications of the vehicle after 6 and 9 years.



High-performance insulation coefficient, more effective than injected foam between two metallic surfaces. Guarantees rapid temperature pull down and maintains cold longer than steel panelling.


Both inside and outside coatings are shock resistant and will keep their original appearance over time. The panels are made with both insulating and structural elements that are highly resistant to compression. Because they are totally sealed during the manufacturing process, there is no risk of water infiltration in the walls. All of the embeddings have been shaped and formed to fit.


100% composite coating is metal and corrosion-free. No risk for pollution or degradation of the transported goods. The rot-proof coating totally protects against humidity, condensation and water.


A fabrication process is in place to control and optimize the foam’s density at all points. Airy and homogenous foam density for a highly efficient insulation. The vehicle strictly contains 0% HCFC.


Washable with high-pressure water and detergent without any risk of corrosion, resistant to natural and chemical products. No infiltration risk between the panels. Repairs are quick, reducing down time.