Brightec’s innovative BlueSeal air curtains are perfected for temperature controlled road transport, designed to keep the cold or heat inside your vehicle. It keeps summer heat and winter cold out of your vehicle, effectively maintains temperature zones in your vehicle and ensures product integrity. It is driver friendly, installs easily and quietly provides a strong air barrier.


Maintain temperature zones.

Reduction of fuel: by saving about 30% cooling fuel, the payback period can be as short as 8 months.

Effective barrier: the air curtain keeps insects, dust, smoke, exhaust gases and bad odors out of your vehicle.

Ergonomic, comfortable and safe:

  • Switches on/off automatically.
  • No manipulation of traditional curtains.

No noise: the air curtain is PIEK certified, meaning that it operates under 60dB.

Easy installation.

Small dimensions.


The air curtain fits in all types of road transport vehicles (trailers, box trucks, vans, including vehicles with roll-up doors).

Installation is easy with our click-to-mount system.

Temperature controlled transportation and logistics sector.

Food distribution, catering services.

Healthcare and pharmaceutical products.

Presentation video:

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Quick performance overview: The air curtain keeps the cold in vehicles during door openings...

Heat map of a trailer after a 10 minute door opening with and without air curtain

  • Outside temperature: 16°C
  • Setpoint: -20°C
  • Test performed at a Dutch food logistics company

...and does it convincingly better than PVC strips

  • The temperature in the trailer with air curtain rises significantly slower during a 10 minute door opening
  • The graph shows the average temperature of 32 sensors in a trailer
  • Outside temperature: 21°C
  • Setpoint: -25°C
  • Test performed at a French road transport company

Also in refrigerated vans, with air curtain the cold is kept inside

  • Without BlueSeal air curtain the temperature quickly rises during short door openings in chilled vans
  • Shown here is the temperature in the center of a van during 6 door openings (3 x 30 sec. and 3 x 60 sec.)
  • Outside temperature: 20°C
  • Setpoint: 0°C
  • Test performed at a Dutch food logistics company

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