National Trucking Week 2016

September 06 2016

The National Trucking Week is a unique opportunity to underline the importance of the trucking in the Canadian economy and its undeniable role in everyday life of everyone through the country. Transforcool joins this intiative to congratulate and thank men and women who assure day after day the transport of the goods in complete safety, reliability and efficiency.

Ergonomic innovations especially designed for the truckers

For Transforcool, the health of the truck drivers is an important matter. We want our products to be ergonomic and easy for day-to-day work.

For example, our mobile partition easy to handle with a single hand and allows to create multi-temperature zones perfectly. This accessory is a great alternative to heavy partitions truck drivers have to carry.

Demonstration of the mobile lateral partition, the video:

Another effective solution, driver friendly, to maintain temperature during the doors opening: the air curtain. It provides a strong air barrier and doing so, effectively maintains temperature zones in your vehicle and ensures product integrity during the doors opening. It also keeps the truck driver from traditional curtains with strips which are uncomfortable and do not remain clean.

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