Transforcool Industries becomes exclusive distributor of Brightec for the BlueSeal air curtain

January 04 2017

As an exclusive distributor of Brightec for the BlueSeal air curtain, Transforcool Industries adds a new innovative product to its products range. Brightec’s innovative BlueSeal air curtains are perfected for temperature controlled road transport, designed to keep the cold or heat inside your vehicle.

It keeps summer heat and winter cold out of your vehicle, effectively maintains temperature zones in your vehicle and ensures product integrity. It is driver friendly, installs easily and quietly provides a strong air barrier.

Find out all the advantages of this groundbreaking product!


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About Brightec

Brightec, founded in 2010, is an innovative company in physics and energy technology. Brightec has a long track record in the research and development of environmentally friendly, energy saving and sustainable energy solutions. Our aim is to create breakthrough technologies in the field of temperature controlled road transport.

Our first solution tackles a common problem in temperature controlled transport: keeping the cold chain intact. The BlueSeal air curtain does just that, being substantially more ingenious and energy efficient than its alternatives. BlueSeal is an innovative air curtain that creates an effective barrier between the air temperature in the vehicle and the ambient air temperature.