Transforcool Industries - distributor of Bär Cargolift products

January 06 2017

Transforcool Industries is proud to be a new distributor for Bär Cargolift products.

The world of transport and logistics is becoming more and more competitive and complex. In order to work successfully in this business, customer oriented solutions with maximum efficiency are required. And last but not least high performance tail lifts.

Bär considers the tail lift as an integral part of an overall system which is being optimized user specifically to maximum performance. Only with a deep understanding of the various transportation tasks an ideal product solution can be created.

The core competence of Bär Cargolift is the continuous enhancement of the performance of tail lifts.

The customer of Bär Cargolift can be sure to receive a solution that supports his work in an optimal way. He gets supported in all phases of the product life cycle from ordering to mounting and from handling to service – based on partnership.

Bär Cargolift has shaped the industry over decades with innovative solutions. Solid technology that can be used easily and safely has created the decisive advance versus the competition.