Transforcool shows off composite refrigerated semi-trailer

April 20 2017

Transforcool Industries is officially introducing its all-composite refrigerated semi-trailer at the 2017 Expocam, booth #4601.

Body builder specialized in refrigerated vehicles of all sizes, from cargo van to semi-trailer, Transforcool is the exclusive North American distributor of Lamberet, leader of temperature controlled vehicles in Europe, with the widest, innovative, modern and most prize-winning range of refrigerated vehicles in Europe.
This new model of semi-trailer in Canada is the result of many years’ experience, research and development by Lamberet. There’s no trial and error, nor prototype here. The all-composite trailer developed by Lamberet and Transforcool for the North American market is designed to meet the highest international standards, and the needs of the Distribution business: intensive urban delivery cycles, with for example, an unequalled floor weight rating up to 32,000 lb. versus a typical 16,000 lb. in the semi-trailer market.
All-composite semi-trailer benefits for temperature controlled transportation:
• Expert in composite technology since 40 years
– High superior insulation, water repellent (metal-free, corrosion-free)
– Shock resistant
– Designed according to HACCP guidelines, meet the most severe standard including the ATP (Agreement on transport of perishable goods) certification, signed by 50 countries including the United States of America.
• High durability: to become a ATP certified product, the panels must wistand their insulating properties for a period up to 12 years with technical verifications of the vehicle after 6 and 9 years
• By lowering reefer units operational time, it reduces its consumption, wear and tear and maintenance costs. All these points contribute to sustaining its residual value and reducing its cost of ownership.
• Easy maintenance reduces costs of operation
• Ergonomics solutions for loaders and truckers
• The highest floor rating in Canada: 32,000 lb/ft.
> Control of the temperature to the degree
> Fuel saving and reduced costs of operations
> 0 HCFC and lower emissions of CO2
36’ refrigerated semi-trailer specifications -  booth 4601 – 2017 Expocam :
Sliding side doors
Mobile partition – full width
Side guards
Alumium fuel tank with double opening
K32 Whiting rear roll-up door (galvanized rail, better insulation vs Cold Saver)
Bär Cargolift BC 2000 R42 tailgate
BlueSeal Air curtain - Brightec


Photos : Crédits ©Mayacom