3,5 m3 (124 ft3) Mercedes-Benz

CARGO VOLUME: 3,5m³ (124 ft3)

Maximum GVWR available kg (lb) 3 050 (6 724)



  • Non-slippery, anti-wear aluminum floors
  • Refrigeration units can be recessed under aerodynamic cover
  • Palletized wheel passage
  • Overall vehicle height 2.06 meters (81.1 in) perfect for workplace and restricted height
  • Cabin’s safety and soundproofing is preserved: manufacturer’s original partition is preserved
Options - transformation



With entire partition wall
Side door on the right, swinging back doors, palletized wheel passage of 1.21 meters (47.6 inch)

LENGTH: 514.1 centimeters (202.4 inch)
The Metris provides a large cargo space while giving you easy access to narrow streets and tight parking spaces.

HEIGHT: 189 centimeters (74.4 inch)
With an overall height of only 189 centimeters (74.4 inch) parking garages and other structures with low ceiling will not prevent the Metris to get to work.

CARGO VOLUME: 5.27 m3 (186 ft3)
With its large cargo scale, the Metris enables you to transport everything you need without having to worry about the tight work space

As a mid-size van, because of its superior payload capacity, the Metris allows you to handle heavier work load than a compact van.

The Metris is powered by an incredibly fuel-efficient powertrain, a Mercedes-Benz innovation:

  • 2.0 , 4-cylinder turbocharged gas engine with direct injection
  • 208 hp/258 lb-ft torque
  • Optional ECO Start/Stop
  • Up to 25,000 km (15,534 miles) maintenance intervals
  • 7-speed automatic transmission


Compatible refrigeration unit (indicative data): Please contact us beforehand to verify compatibility, dimensions and deadlines for the unit.           



  • Standard ATP Class “reinforced” insulation, designed according to the HACCP “hygiene” guidelines
  • In compliance with the cabin original hability (manufacturer’s roof cabin and walls remain unchanged)
  • The 100% white polyurethane insulated panels provide perfect hygiene conditions and easy maintenance
  • Isotherm side and back doors with double peripheral gasket to provide maximum seal
  • Aluminum flooring checkerboard, 275mm (10.8 in) deep with 2 drain holes (one in the front and in the back). Palletized wheel passage 1,21 m (47.6 in)
  • Timer LED ceiling light.



Transforcool uses with its highend products refrigeration units from the best specialist namely: Kerstner®, Carrier Transicold®, Thermo King® and ATC® 

  • Power suited for use, positive temperatures
  • Recessed installation with aerodynamic refrigeration cover and inside evaporator cover provide clean finish and soundproofing

Options: Painted refrigeration unit cover. Please contact us for the different available options.

Options - transformation

  • Intermediate floor with perforated shelves
  • Removable shelves
  • Fixed intermediate partitions forming 2 compartments
  • Stainless steel or aluminum cargo tracks
  • Protection rails
  • Curtain to prevent heat loss on back and/ or side doors (recommended to use for freezing temperatures)
  • Other options are available: please feel free to contact us.