8 to 10m3 (282.5 to 353.1 ft3) Ram

PROMASTER 1500, 2500 or 3500 with high roof


Wheelbase: 3.5 or 4m (136 or 159 in.)

Overall length : 5.4 or 6.0m (213 or 236 in.)

Cargo space: 8 to 10 m3 (282.5 to 353.1 cu ft)



  • The vehicle was made to transport perishable goods under controlled temperature conditions (fresh or frozen applications)
  • 100% composite, superior insulation designed to meet HACCP and ATP
  • Possibility of having a recessed installation of the refrigeration unit over the cabin
  • 2 available versions: 8 or 10 m3 (282.5 to 353.1 pi3)
  • Palletizable wheel passage
Options - transformation


PROMASTER (1500, 2500 or 3500) with high roof - wheelbase: 3,5 or 4m (136 or 159 in.). Overall length : 5.4 or 6.0m (213 or 236 in.)

Cargo volume from 8 to 10 m3 (282.5 or 353.1 cu ft)

The vehicle allows the transport of perishable goods under controlled temperature conditions 

  • Palletizable wheel passage
  • Interior DEL light
  • With insulated, lateral sliding door

Timer LED ceiling light

Palletized flooring

Grey non-slippery gel coated flooring


  • Reinforced insulation, HCCAP compliant, that meets the toughest international standards including ATP (Agreement on Transport of Perishable Goods)
  • The panels are 100% composite are made with polyurethane, ployester and food-safe gelcoat
  • All doors have a twin peripheral gasket for maximum seal
  • Side panels have built-in aluminum inserts, ready for installing accessories
  • The grey, non-slippery gel coated flooring with 1 drain hole located in front of vehicle is easy to clean and provides perfect hygienic conditions
  • Stainless steel protection rail on the side and rear threshold
  • Inside emergency latch on rear door

Isotherm side doors with double peripheral gasket


Highly insulated back doors


Transforcool uses with its high end products refrigerated units from the most renowned specialists in the industry.

  • Power adapted to usage, fresh or frozen applications,available for road only or with standby
  • Aerodynamic recessed installation of refrigeration unit over the cabin with sound insulation offered in option
  • Other options: standby, heat, painting of basinnet or refrigeration unit cover (Kerstner), monitoring. Please contact us for more details

Caution: please consult us because certain actions must be done at your dealership prior to the installation of a refrigeration unit.

Aerodynamic, recessed installation of refrigeration unit (option)

Options - transformation

  • Adjustable and foldable shelves
  • Additional drain hole located at the back of the vehicle
  • Special high sill for fish transportation
  • Meat rails system
  • Cargo tracks; protection rails
  • Fixed intermediate partitions forming 2 compartments
  • Refrigerated unit protective cover or front bassinet that can be color matched with the vehicle


Other options available : please contact us for more information