FORD TRANSIT – CC-CA: GVWR max of 5790 lb (2626kg)

High performance insulation with a wall thickness of 85mm (3.34 in), will help preserve the transported goods; extend the refrigeration unit’s lifetime and help lowering the CO2 emission. Your goods will be preserved regardless of outside temperature. The refrigeration unit’s operating time is reduced, thus decreasing energy consumption as well as wear and tear. The combination of thermal bridge free materials provide unparalleled benefits: 16% more insulating than metal base panels, ideal for multi-temperature applications. In addition to being impact resistant, the panels are made of fiber- reinforced polyester coating which are then sealed to prevent any moisture or infiltration. Being metal free, they are corrosion-free.

  • Shockproof casing moldings: The exterior moldings surrounding the box are made of anodized aluminum
  • Reinforced insulation: 100 mm protection rails with double return on floor protects the truck body while loading
  • Adapted aluminum chassis; bolted double-layer reinforced rear frame
  • Back doors are easy to handle due to the conception of the gasket made with high efficiency and friction resistant elastomer materials
Options - transformation


ISOTHERM - REFRIGERATED. Available wheelbase : 138, 155.7 and 178 in. (3,5, - 3,95, 4,5m). Available body lenghts: 10.6, 12.1, and 14 ft. (3,2, 3,7 or 4,3m).
Please refer to the New Frigoline brochure for more information.


The NEW FRIGOLINE truck body made with "high efficiency insulation" 85mm (3.35 in) thick composite panel are coated with an antibacterial -polyester- polyurethane gel coat. Aluminum inserts are integrated in the panel, designed to meet the HACCP hygiene guidelines. For more information, please download the New Frigoline brochure.

Rear protection:
The two bumpers at the threshold and two at the end of the frame absorb any impact in the back. Two bay bumpers are also added in the middle of the sill, two big ones on the vertical rails of the box, and two more can be added to protect the rear identification lights (option).

Shockproof protection:
The exterior moldings surrounding the box are made of anodized aluminum. Their high density and thickness offer a wide resistance to daily shocks. Their aerodynamic design and metallic light gray color provide a sober, high end finish.

Reinforced insulation
100 mm (3.93 in) protection rails at the base with double return on floor protects the box while loading. The new Frigoline Pro also offers heavy duty 160mm (6.29 in) ribbed protection rails combined with angle brackets which enhances the tightness and facilitate the cleaning of the box.



Transforcool uses the highest quality components from the best specialists in the refrigeration industry. Positive and negative temperature unit put in front. Other options: standby, heat, multi- temperature, etc.

Options - transformation

  • Truck body designed to meet your business needs: meat transportation, tailgate, multi- temperature, ice cream. Internal walls fully covered with stainless steel panels, etc.
  • Front Protection: protection rail and bumpers that facilities airflow
  • Longitudinal or transversal fixed partitions
  • Easy to manoeuvre, sliding transversal partition
  • Semi-recessed rails
  • Side sliding doors
  • Side step
  • Double swing rear opening
  • Side door – associated with one or multiple partitions

Adjustable and foldable shelves 

Meat applications: tubular rails and hooks

Foldable step ladder: 4 or 5 steps 

Cargo rails: universal mixed perforations (galvanized or stainless steel)

Sliding or detachable curtain  

Hinged side doors (simple or double)

Back door types: roll-up door, double, triple door or awning door