Our offer of Mobile box

We offer insulated or refrigerated boxes to meet your food transport needs.

With an optimized volume of 0,8m3, our insulated boxes have dimensions adapted to most family vans and vans.

This professional quality range is equipped with a "reinforced" insulation level for the transport of perishable goods.

The refrigerated version let you bring the box to the right temperature to be ready for departure and can be used as an extra cold room.

The Transforcool boxes meet the requirements of:

  • home distribution (meat, fish, cheese, cooked dishes etc.)
  • caterers
  • rentals (short and long term)
  • transport and storage activities
  • punctual transport needs of fresh produce (market, event, festivals, film sets)
Options - transformation


We offer the possibility of isothermal or refrigerated boxes.

Isothermal mobile box:

  • Insulation panels 100% composite
  • Shock resistant polyester
  • 100% composite coating special for food transportation
  • 1 swing door opening
  • 2 removable 2.95-inch grilles for exchangeable eutectic plates (plates not included)
  • 2 handles on each side

Removable refrigerated box:

  • "Road" connection kit including: cable, 2-contact half-plug + 1 auxiliary
  • Supply of the pre-equipment for the connection of the group to the towing vehicle: complementary outlet and circuit-breaker
  • Connection kit to mains electricity


Such as all Transforcool's products, boxes are manufactured with composite panels and designed to meet the most severe international standards including HACCP hygiene guidelines and ATP (Agreement on Transportation for Perishable Goods).

All about composite insulation


With a refrigeration unit, your box becomes an extra cold room (mains model only), or allows transport over all distances (road function).

Options - transformation

Isothermal or refrigerated boxes can also be assembled on a chassis 1 axle compatible with the majority of vehicles equipped with a coupling, including sedan type.

Our offer of isothermal or refrigerated trailers