Our offer of Trailer

We offer a range of isothermal or refrigerated trailers with one or two axles.

Ideal for food distribution, caterer, short or long-term rental, event such as markets, festivals or film sets ... Transforcool trailers have a superior 100% composite insulation specially designed for food.

With one or two swing doors, trailers can be equipped with the same accessories as truck bodies: internal protection, cargo tracks, shelves, meat hanging, door stop, step or anti-theft ...

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We offer a range of trailers with one or two axles isothermal or refrigerated.

  • Trailer chassis on chassis simple axle 2.62 p3 - 1102.31 lbs: compatible with the majority of vehicles.
  • Lightweight single axle trailer, 9.19 p3 - 1653.47 lbs: isothermal, or with refrigeration unit (with or without electric standby)

  • Lightweight double-axle trailer, suitable for long distances and your activity: with or without refrigeration unit, rear doors, fitted for catering / meat transportation etc.
  • Available in 2 versions: 15.42 p3 - 2866.01 lbs and 17.39 p3 - 4409.25 lbs

These trailers, designed for professionals, are equipped with gray anti-slip floor, 1 drain, an aluminum protection rail and a non-slip step for easy access.

The 4409 lbs version is ideal for transporting large pallet type containers. In the version "meat-carrier" with total rear opening, meat rails, maximizing interior height and anti-slip red floor, this is the solution for the players in the meat sector.

We offer insulated or refrigerated trailers to meet your food transportation needs.

On trailers with two axles, possibility of opening 1 or 2 hinged doors:

With one swing door opening:

  • Easy distribution, with multi-gaskets that ensure an excellent sealing.
  • Stainless steel - ergonomic handle "Easy Handle".



With two swing doors opening: : 

  • Total access width to the load.
  • The ideal solution for fast loading and unloading operations, pallet packaging and meat transport.
  • 1 movement "Easy Handle" ensure easy and ergonomic handling.


Such as all Transforcool's products, boxes are manufactured with composite panels and designed to meet the most severe international standards including HACCP hygiene guidelines and ATP (Agreement on Transportation for Perishable Goods).

All about composite insulation


With a refrigeration unit, your trailer becomes a real extra cold room that can transport large quantities of fresh produce.

Trailers with refrigeration units are available with refrigeration unit with or without electric standby

Options - transformation

Group control and mains connection:

The digital control is used to set the setpoint temperature and to display the actual temperature.


Vehicle connection (road mode):

In the road mode, the electric group is connected with a "fenwick" socket to the battery of the towing vehicle, the alternator of which must have a minimum of 90 A. On the other hand, an aftermarket "power kit" is adaptable to some vehicles.

Cargo tracks and protection rails:

Aluminum rails protect the walls against repeated shocks. Goods are secure and stabilized during transport.

Adjustable shelves:

Adjustable in height, shelves are available on several levels and 2 depths (15.75 or 19.69 inches). 100% aluminum (anti-corrosion) they are secured in raised position by mechanical pins.

Intermediate shelves:

It forms one or more levels of additional load (s) to order your commodities.
Modular and removable, one stage consists of aluminum openwork shelves for better ventilation.

Meat racks:

Slatted flooring:

The floor is covered with easy-to-wash removable and open plastic slabs for optimized ventilation, to prevent contact between the foodstuffs and the floor and to protect the load of condensation.

Door Stop:

Transforcool trailers are equipped with door stop (rubber or T, depending on models). To facilitate operations in narrow parking areas, 180 ° stops are available as an option.

Anti-theft security:

This dedicated anti-theft device attaches to the drawbar, thus preventing the traction of your trailer.
Ceiling lamp (not shown): if the body is equipped with a refrigerating unit, a ceiling light illuminates the loading area.

Chassis hardware (standard equipment):

All trailers are equipped with a complete set of jockey wheels for easy maneuvering; 2 rear stabilizers and parking brake for static use or parking; Spare tire and crank; 13 pin trailer plug with 7 pin removable adapter.



Built-in 1653.47 pounds or chassis-mounted version 2866 and 4409.25 pounds, the anti-slip fixed "1 level" steel step facilitates access to the loading area.