Our offer of Refrigerated semi-trailer

Innovative solutions for temperature controlled transportation professionals

  • 100% composite, for performance and economy
  • Accurate controlled temperature down to the exact degree
  • Easy maintenance and reduced operating costs
  • Zero HCFCs, and reduced CO2 emissions
  • Compliant with HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) hygiene standards

Transforcool has the solution for all kind of needs: pallets, flowers, piece of meat hanging, fish and seafood, fresh produce, frozen produce, ice cream, health or pharmaceutical products, our technical solutions will answer all your requirements.

Custom-made construction from our structure: regular / b-train, choice of doors and suspensions, disk brake or drum, accessories according to your needs (mobile partition, tailgate, shelves, air curtain, etc.)

Refrigerated trailers from 24 to 40 feet (7,3 - 12,2 m)

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Options - transformation


Heavy-duty galvanized chassis - Made in Canada

  • An innovative frame without crossmember
  • Reinforced front end, to absorb shocks of 5th wheel coupling.
  • Built to your specifications: suspension, disc or drum brakes, axles configuration, dolly, LED lighting.


Aerodynamic front profile - CX System

The integrated vertical CX profiles on the front face of the trailer body vectorize the air flow laterally out and act on the vortex generated between the tractor and the trailer to optimize the overall air penetration coefficient.



Reinforced rear stainless steel frame designed to withstand repeated docking

Our rear frame combines strength, shock-resistant, easy and quick maintenance, all with low operating cost.

  • Bolted, anti-racking, with no welds, therefore no weaknesses, it provides quick and less expensive maintenance. For optimal shock absorption, the vertical uprights are made of stainless steel H-shaped beams and attached directly to the reinforced edge of the panel.
  • The frame is protected by 60-mm (2.36 inch) bumpers.

HRE - High Resistance Elastomere - Roller bumpers

Absorbs horizontal shocks and vertical rolls on 1 or 2 levels.
The thick galvanized steel tubes house a honeycombed elastomer core, offering unparalleled durability. The high-inertia reinforcement braces dissipate any residual forces.


Protected rear door

During docking, the steel double hinge of the rear doors keep the doors away from the dock, and the integrated latch keeps the doors fully opened to the sides.



The strongest structural floor on the market: up to 44% more resistant than a standard floor

Our floors are designed to withstand from 14% to 43% greater load than standard refrigerated trailer:
32,000 lb/ft2 resistance (linear) / Compared to standard floor rate, which average around 18,000 to 24,000 lb/ft2 (linear)

  • Threshold with gasket thermal bridge rupture
  • Corundum, aluminum or hybrid floors; different configurations available, depending on your needs
  • Accessories: front and/or back floor drains, aluminum or polyester cargo tracks, anchoring rings 


Internal airflow

  • Aerodynamic stoppers to protect against impact of pallets on the bottom of the bulkhead
  • Internal grid at the bulkhead for a continuous protection between the stoppers and the return air flow
  • Patented IAFO (Internal Air Flow Optimizer) system: Maintains constant overall temperature. Reduces energy consumption. Can maintain the same temperature at the front and at the rear of a 53-foot trailer. +25% improvement of the temperature at the rear of the trailer (temperature control sensor located at 48 feet from the front of the trailer, in the middle of the side wall)

More about the IAFO System


  • Prep kits on the floor and ceiling to accommodate all types of separators (Randall partition systems)
  • Recessed evaporators
  • Movable or fixed partition
  • Lengthwise fixed partition
  • Cross-sectional fixed partition
  • Full-width mobile partition


Easy maintenance

Transforcool’s products are easy to maintain, to reduce down time and repair costs, in areas such as front end, lighting, rear frame and doors:

  • The vertical CX profiles have an integrated rail, making additional equipment unobtrusive and easy to install. Lights, bumpers, ladders and electrical equipment can be installed without drilling holes and compromising the insulation. This makes it even easier to add or change such equipment much faster.

  • The aluminum profiles house a technical duct for wiring passway. These ducts are easy to access, non intrusive and do not require foam removal at the front end. Cables and wiring at the front end go through these ducts: dome lights, marker lights and S/T/T lights.

  • Innovative bolted frame, easily and quickly dismountable, with no welds.

  • To optimize ease of maintenance, all lighting is controlled through quick connect harness wiring.

  • Doors: Double stainless steel hinges, double reinforced wear bushings. Slack adjusters to maintain tightness in case of impact or deformation of the frame or hinges.

  • Doors: Recessed lock rod and handle – can be changed in 30 minutes if damaged.

  • Composite panel repair: Back to its original appearance after just 1 day in the shop following an impact.

  • Bolted 5th wheel kingpin.

All in all, a drastic down time reduction.

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High-performance 100% composite panels

No rivet, no metal, easy to repair.

The composite insulating panels, tested and proven in laboratory, are the result of years of experience, research and development. They are truly a mastery of the technology exclusively dedicated to cold. Combining composite materials with complex assembly and high insulating properties, this technology gives our panels unrivaled advantages.

  • High-performance insulation coefficient, more effective than injected foam between two metallic surfaces. 
  • Guarantees rapid temperature pull down and maintains cold longer than steel panelling.
  • Superior durability
  • Polyurethane Foam 0% HCFC
  • Easy to wash
  • Repairs are quick, reducing down time

More about composite insulation


Impact of the Transforcool isothermic qualities on refrigerated unit

  • Reduction in running time and fuel consumption
  • Reduction of service frequency, leading to reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced rental costs


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Options - transformation

Designed to meet your business needs

Transportation, distribution and delivery of products such as flowers, piece of meat hanging, fish and seafood, fresh produce, frozen produce, ice cream, health or pharmaceutical products: shelves, tailgate, multi-temperature. Our solutions will answer all your business requirements, semi-trailers are custom-made with you and according to your specifications.


Some optional accessories:


Available rear doors

Roll-up, 2 or 3 panel swing door, hybrid, our products meet all your needs to optimize your profitability.

Depending on the equipment selected, some rear doors may not be available.



Side doors

  • Standard or sliding, piano hinges
  • Various options available for steps and ladders


Safety: lateral side guards for cyclists 

  • Safety device to prevent collisions with cyclists 
  • 2 aluminum bars


Internal side faces dressed with interstainless steel and palettisation on 2 levels

System with recessed vertical rails in the lateral surfaces and bars able to support 1 000 kg (2.205 lb) allowing palettisation on 2 levels.


Anchor rails



Reinforced kick plate


Mobile partition

Ergonomic, equipped with a synthetic seal reducing friction and which does not harden with cold. Profiles protecting against shocks and optimising the air flows of each compartment.

Learn more about the mobile partition


Independent or joint half partitions

Recharging station for lift truck


High luminosity interior - LED


Wider three-step access ramp


Sliding glad hand

Double opening aluminium tank


Air curtain

  • Maintain temperature zones.
  • Reduction of fuel 
  • Effective barrier
  • Ergonomic, comfortable and safe
  • No noise


More about the air curtain


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