It is the true mastery of the technology exclusively dedicated to cold. Combining composite materials of complex production and high insulating properties. This technology gives our panels incomparable advantages.



The Iron Age is over...

October 05 2017

Now, it's composite!
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Find us on specialized websites in the United States

May 25 2017

Discover our latest article in the Refrigerated & Frozen Foods and in the Refrigerated Transporter.
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TRANSFORCOOL is part of the launches at expoCam. Find us in TRANSPORT routier – May 2017

May 16 2017

Discover our latest appearance in the May edition of Transport Routier : Les lancements d'ExpoCam.
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From utility vehicles to semi-trailer, we offer inovative solutions in Canada. Transforcool controls and federates all the expertise related to the design, manufacturing and distribution.

Our certifications

Certified Master Upfitter by Mercedes-Benz in Canada, Transforcool products are designed according to the HACCP “hygiene” guidelines and international standards as ATP (Agreement on transport of perishable goods) certification.

Certified by the National Safety Mark Transport Canada.